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For more than 32 years, Buck Run Commercial Doors & Hardware has grown due to our exceptional products and services. Our employees are the key to our success. Technical expertise, unwavering customer focus and years of experience have established our standing in the Miami Valley area. With our reputation for integrity and fairness, you can trust our team to get the job done quickly without compromising our high standards for high quality products and services.


What We Provide

Hollow Metal Doors

Whether it’s a stock hollow metal door or a custom request, we offer a complete line of hollow metal products including fire rated doors & frames. Our hollow metal products are Galvannealed for better corrosion resistance and require no priming (saving time & money).We will gladly handle any specialty orders or urgent material requests that your project demands. And with our professional installation and maintenance services, Buck Run can handle all of your hollow metal needs.

When we suffered a break-in at Lily's Bistro, Buckrun was there the very next morning to get us back in business.

-Emily Mendenhall, Owner Lily's Bistro

When we suffered a break-in at Lily's Bistro, Buckrun was there the very next morning to get us back in business.

-Emily Mendenhall, Owner Lily's Bistro


Automatic doors are economical and convenient. Automatic Door Operators are not only a necessity for those with physical challenges; many of us have become accustomed to having public doors open and shut automatically. There are many reasons for an Automatic Operator or Sliding door, among the highest ranked is reduced risk of a door left open or didn’t shut completely, loosing valuable heat/air conditioning. In addition, these types of doors allow ease of access for large volumes of traffic in and out of a particular entrance or exit.

Wood Doors

We offer standard wood veneers, like birch, oak or maple, as well as veneers of exotic species. We stock the most requested size wood doors; however, odd widths and heights are not a problem. We offer a wide variety of particle board core and solid core doors, including:

• Fire-Rated Wood Doors
• Plastic Laminate Doors
• Stile and Rail Wood Doors
• STC Sound-Rated Doors
• Lead-Lined Doors

Fiberglass (FRP) Door Systems

Due to their unique construction, along with broad choice of factory finishes and custom designs, FRP Doors & Frames are designed to provide years of trouble-free service while resisting chemicals, salt air, abuse, moisture and other harsh environments. FRP doors, with a UV inhibited color-thru skin that will not fade over time, absorb broad impact shock, reducing dents, which leads to longer door life. FRP Doors and Frames are versatile enough for thousands of applications from hospitals, offices, retail plazas and public buildings. FRP doors are graffiti/scratch resistant, making them tomorrow’s school door with availability today.


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